I’m An Artist, How Do I Enroll For The Competition?

I'm An Artist, How Do I Enroll For The Competition? Surge Zirc
How to enroll for Surge Zirc Art Competition/ photo credit: google

The opportunity to participate in the ‘Surge Zirc Art Competition’ is open to Nigerians only, between the ages of 10-30.

There is no sex restriction and there is also no state restriction. No educational qualification is required.

Intending participants are required to send their data in the following order to Surge Zirc head of project via mail at news@surge.ng.

  • Surname
  • First name
  • Middle name
  • State of Origin
  • Local Government Area
  • Home town
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Facebook contact name
  • Twitter contact name
  • Instagram contact name
  • Religion

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Intending applicants must attach a passport photo and a 5×7 photograph of self.

*Please note photo must not be blur.

All entries must be submitted on or before 7th August 2018.

After sending the mail applicants shall receive via mail the project details, which include the voting number and other vital information.

For more information, kindly reach our delegated personnel via +234 0802 123 4690.

*Note: Participants are not required to meet anywhere for the competition. They shall remain at their respective homes and participate.

Meeting with everyone involved in the competition shall be at the last day, which will be announced before the time.

Coming together shall be for the purpose of taking photograph, granting interview to media and receiving accolades.

This project is proudly powered by: Surge Zirc media, Rivers State Television Authority (RSTV), Surjik films production and Pitchfork Express.

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