India: Princess Diana’s Bridesmaid Shared Memories



 The wedding of Diana and Charles
India Hicks, Wearing  the crown at the wedding of Diana and Charles)/Photo Credit: Woman&Home
India Hicks values memory,as the saying goes- ”Good memories never die”, ”but lingers” – That is exactly the case of the wedding of Princess Diana and Princes Charles that  took place for over 30 years , but it’s gone down as one of the most memorable days in recent history.

This brings back fantastic memories’ is what a very special guest by name [India Hicks] at the highly regarded royal wedding has revealed that she’s actually kept and that she still treasures it always, even now.

She was one of Princess Diana’s bridesmaids on the special day at Westminster Abbey, and lately shared that she has held on to- her flower crown.

The making of the crown

The crown
The crown worn by Indian on the wadding day/Photo Credit: Woman&Home

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She posted a photo of the floral headpiece [The crown] on Instagram.

The crown is adorned with a range of flowers, designed to compliment Diana’s wedding bouquet, which was made up of fressias, gardenias, and lily of the valley. And it seems the keepsake has managed to stay in remarkably good condition in her cabinet.

India wrote beside the photo of the crown, ‘The preserved flower wreath I wore as a bridesmaid to the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana sits among 18th century ornamental Chinese white jade dishes.

‘They don’t smell quite as good now as they did on the day, but they do bring back some pretty fantastic memories.’ She added.

The Royal family fans also gathered the photo praising the treasured souvenir and as well share their own memories from the D-day.

One out of them wrote, ‘I hope it brings you happy thoughts of a once happy time. And what an amazing piece of history to pass down.’

Followed by another’s comment, ‘Must have been an exciting day ”. A third social media user also said,” I absolutely can still imagine exactly how you all looked that day; so lovely.’

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From her earlier discussion about the big day, she flashed back on how she was  afraid when asked to be a bridesmaid, as she was such a ‘tomboy’.

According to how she Wrote in ‘’you magazine’’ India said, ‘When my godfather Prince Charles called to ask if I would like to be a bridesmaid, I was initially horrified. She continued, “‘I was a 13-year-old tomboy, never out of jodhpurs, and I would have to wear a dress”. Luckily, it all came together in the end!

India Hicks, turns 50, still waxing strong  still runs her eponymous lifestyle brand  presently . Still has a strong link to the royal family.

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How she relates to the Royal Family – Prince Charles is her godfather, and the pair is also second cousins. India is also 678th in line to the British throne, as her maternal grandfather is the Earl Mountbatten of Burma.

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