You Just May Be Motivating Your Employee Wrongly, This Is How

"You have to make sure there are more than economic rewards and that people are challenged" Greiff said.

You Just May Be Motivating Your Employee Wrongly, This Is How-Surge Zirc
Ways to morivate employees/ photo credit: strawberry seed consulting

The desire to write about employee welfare was born out of the fact that, employers wouldn’t function effectively if there are no workers.

Company structure wouldn’t stand without employee and productivity would shrink when employees are ineffective for any reason.

I’d finished writing about training employee in areas they are not quite effective. But we must understand that training your workers to enable them acquire a new skill cannot automatically be seen as incentives for the employees.

Employer’s major interest for training their employee is to improve workers experience and skills, thereby having a team of well known workers handle their business.

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There is need for an employee to be given incentives. It is very important to understand that giving employees incentives can motivate them into being the best staff ever.

just incentives is not enough for employee

As important as it is to give your employee incentives to motivate them, we must realise that giving the right incentive can feel better than just giving anything in place of incentive.

Studies have shown that a good number of employee who were involved in travel to foreign land as incentive would have preferred a cash incentive.

A $50 gift certificate is far preferred by a 4-1 margin over any other type of monetary appreciation, the survey also found only 14 percent of those who responded to the survey preferred $50 worth of tickets to a live concert, sporting and event, then just a minor number above one wanted to be taken to a lunch of equal $50.

In the long run, using cash incentive may not be very much effective, to keep employees satisfied.

According to Dr. Barrie Greiff, a psychiatrist consultant at Harvard University Health Service in Cambridge, Massachusetts, money is a powerful incentive, but it has its obvious limitations if it’s the only incentive.

“You have to make sure there are more than economic rewards and that people are challenged” Greiff said.

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Dr. Greiff went further to advice that if the decision is to give a monetary incentive, then it would be advisable to give a gift certificate.

This is because money can just be spent at the grocery shop down the street.

It is noble to find out time to appreciate the well meaning efforts of employee, then it needs to be done carefully because it means a lot more than money to your workers.

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