Kevin Hart Becomes First US Comedian To Sell One Million Tickets In Six Months

Kevin Hart Irresponsible tour/Photo credit:Ticketmaster

U.S comedian Kevin Hart breaks record as the first U.S comedian to sell one million tickets in six months. The humorous actor takes lead and great pleasure in making people laugh. Kevin Hart was wowed at the result of ‘the Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour ticket selling, which estimated one million or more tickets sold already.

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Wow Kevin Hart most be widely loved by his fans all over the world to have reach this number in a short while. Loving this bro!

The actor and comedian took to Instagram to express great joy over hitting an extraordinary mile stone. And then he said:

kevinhart4real All I can say is WOW. My fans are literally the dopest people on the planet. My goal was to make this tour my biggest and best tour to date and I will be damn if it’s not happening. Making the world laugh is a priority….Let’s gooooooooo people!!!!! I love y’all for this.

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Loving the fact that Kevin’s most appreciation goes to his fans all over the world. ”My fans are literally the dopest people on the planet” He said.

Alright let’s seat back and wait for more updates from the ‘tour.’

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