Kyle Edmund Tagged A ‘Cry Baby’ And ‘Whining Pommy Prat’

Angered Edmund rants/
Kyle Edmund, world number 49 just earned himself the ‘cry baby’ title after ranting at the umpire during his match against Marin Cilic at the Australian open semi-finals.

The controversy was geared after the service dished by Cilic that was initially called out, later earned him a point as a result of Hawkeye showing that the service was in but was not well received and returned by Edmund.

This angered Edmund and he opposed the point awarded Cilic with the claim that the call of ‘out’ came BEFORE he hithis return into the tramlines.

Aggravated Edmund took up the issue with the umpire and later demanded to speak with a senior personnel before the beginning of another set/round.

This obviously put off fans and went down badly as some of them took to twitter and bashed the British star.

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The clip below was extracted from angered fans that took to their twitter handles.


One said “Edmund acting like he can actually return Cilic’s serve. STFU.”

A fellow tennis fan added: “Edmund is a whinging pommy prat! Get on with it! #AustralianOpen #SemiFinal.”

Another tweeted: “can Edmund just stop, it’s annoying #AusOpen.”

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Although majority of the fans that took to twitter bashed Edmund, a few got empathic and decided to go the other direction by supporting him and hoping the event fires him up to a better turnout of events.

Here’s what they said:

“Kyle Edmund losing his s*** at the chair umpire and referee there. Hope it can fire him up in this second set. Come on son #AusOpen.”

Another added: “#Edmund with winners off the forehand and backhand in the two points since trying to convince the referee he was treated unjustly. Statement. #AusOpen.”

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