Let’s Talk About “Seychelles”: The Smallest Nation in Africa

Seychelles culture MAIN:photo credit/seychellesprestige.com
Seychelles is the smallest nation in Africa and the worldwide famous luxurious beach holiday destination. It occupies 115 islands stretching along the mainland eastern coast. The largest of the Islands in Seychelles is Mahe, which inhibits nearly 70% of the Seychellois.

The inhabitants of Seychelles Islands are called the Seychellois. She is made up of a number of ethnic races, most of which come from Africa. Other races found in Seychelles includes: The Arabs, Indians, French, Chinese, Polynesian, and Arcadian influences. The Seychellois lives simply in an “earthly paradise” where the tourism trade is closely regulated to preserve the numerous natural charms of the islands. French, English and Creole are their primary languages of communication.

Seychelles during an international carnival
Seychelles during an international carnival:photo credit/beabroda.com

The Seychelles has over 100 Islands and an estimated population of about 83,000; she has the distinction of being the least crowded country in the world, owing to the fact that her Population growth is low, but the average age is quite young. Half the population is under 25 with around 72 years life expectancy.

It is customary to shake hands upon meeting someone in the Seychelles. They are friendly and welcoming; they often invite newcomers to their homes. Also, custom requires that a visitor takes along a small gift while visiting someone’s home in the Seychelles.

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The Seychelles, despite being made up of diverse ethnicities gets along well and lives in harmony with each other as one republic. They lead a casual, peaceful, and spiritual life. Most of them (about 90%) are Catholic Christians; other religions include Protestant Christians, Muslims, and Hindu. These people are quite friendly, fun and party-freak.

Also, the Seychellois treasures music as an important aspect of their culture; most of which is influenced by Indian culture, Polynesian and Arcadian cultures respectively. French and African influences are very noticeable in the Seychelles.

Traditional display by Seychelles
Traditional display by Seychelles:photo credit/pinterest.com

There are three kinds of music that are associated with their local culture: the Sega, which has strong African influence, Moutia, a style that originated in slaves, and Contredanse, a style of music and dance with French and British origins. Of the contemporary artists, Adams Michael is thought of as the “Gaugin of the Seychelles.” There are also many other artists who live in the Seychelles, including Leon Radegonde, Gerard Devoud, Marc Duc, and George Camille.

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On the other hand, there are two major types of folk music in the culture of the Seychelles; they are the “Montea and the Contombley” which is coined from music, and drums. Music performance in Seychelles is accompanied with singing and dancing as an important aspect of life in an “earthly paradise” so to say. Sports such as football, volleyball and boxing are common games with the Seychelles.

Also, their cuisine is a Creole that consists of the very best of Indian foods, African, British, Chinese, American and that of the France. Their main foods are rice and fish, garnished with creative combinations of spices along with the use of coconut milk and breadfruit makes a huge variety of different tastes.

Seychelles varieties of cuisine
Seychelles varieties of cuisine:photo credit/karibuworld.com

On the other hand, the Seychelles has a history of beautiful and sumptuous locally made dishes such as: Cari bernique, Daube (sweet sauce), Rougaille and carii coco (a meat curry with cream of coconut) and Salade de palmiste et bredes. These and many more fruits and vegetables including Spinach, Guava, Lychee, Aubergine, Melon are all prominent dishes associated with the Seychelles, with Seybrew German lager as their famous drink.

Although there is no culture aboriginal to the Seychelles, many influences from African origins have been preserved for centuries now. The government created a National School of Music and a National Cultural Troupe to inspire growth and tradition.

La-Digue Seychelles Tropical Beach
La-Digue Seychelles Tropical Beach:photo credit/travelbutlers.com

The Seychelles have also been confirmed to be hardworking. They own numerous shops where they sell souvenirs and gifts such as local hand crafts, ornaments, and jewelry, many of which are prepared with snail shells.

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Nevertheless, the Seychellois holds a holiday called a Creole Festival every October. It is the biggest cultural event in the Island chain. During this festival, the Seychellois celebrate the creole culture with music, art, great food, and dance.

Irrespective of which Island you stay on or visits in the Seychelles, be sure to get a warm welcome. Seychellois are a friendly people who are glad to welcome you to their republic. Feel free to visit Africa’s smallest nation “a little heaven on earth.”

You too can partake of the wonderful Seychellois culture simply by visiting, dining, dancing, and having a great time.

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