Lionel Messi Motivates Teammates After A Shameful 6-1 Defeat To Spain

Argentina’s National football team’s captain Lionel Messi, gives a motivational pep talk after humiliating defeat in the changing room/
The Argentina versus Spain match is one of the most shocking and humiliating matches ever in the history of football, considering the sides that played and the side that lost woefully to the other. This can be seen as the worst defeat in history for Argentina.

The national team of the world best Lionel Messi was disgraced out of the pitch with a disheartening 6-1 woeful defeat while Barcelona star watched from the stands owing to his injury that kept him from the pitch.

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After a humiliating evening, the Barcelona star thought it wise to raise the confidence and morale of his teammates by giving a motivational pep talk in the dressing room that was warmly received.

As reported by Newspaper Diario Ole, via sport, The football star during his pep talk said “we come through this together, United.”

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Lionel Messi, like many others inside the Wanda Metropolitano on Tuesday, watched from the stands in astonishment as Argentina was heavy struck by Spain and they conceived an unbelievable six goals, scoring only one in defense.

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Although he was as embarrassed as his teammates by the defeat, and could do nothing about it owing to the incapacitation from the injury he incurred in his last match, he still displayed his leadership by giving that motivational pep talk to lift their spirits and morales.

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