Liverpool’s M. Salah Says No to Real Madrid’s Interest In Him

Liverpool star mohamed Salah/ 101
Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah has proven to be planted in the club and is not thinking about leaving the club anytime soon. He made his future plans of winning the Premier League trophy and ‘the golden boot’ with Liverpool known to the public since he has been at his best in his games and has performed outstandingly well, scoring 24 goals in 30 appearances made for the Reds.

This decision and dream of winning the Premier League with Liverpool will not allow him move on to another club. This has invariably stalled and possibly terminated every link and interest from Real Madrid.

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The Egyptian forward claims that following a difficult first stint in England at Chelsea, his dream was always to one-day return to the Premier League and succeed.

Just last month, Salah attained a milestone in Liverpool as the fastest player to ever score 20 goals in the Premier League for the Club.

The 25-year-old, who has been on fire this season at Anfield, believes that England’s top-flight suits his style of play and he is delighted to be performing so well for Liverpool.

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In his own words, he said:

“In Chelsea, I didn’t play, so I didn’t have my chances.

“I said to all my friends, I think I said it on many interviews as well, that I wanted to come back.

“I like the Premier League a lot. I feel it has my style of football. I like to play [in] the Premier League.

“I said since day one here that I’m happy here at Liverpool and I want to show my football here.

“If you look at me now and five years ago, everything has changed – mentally, physically, everything.

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“It’s a dream to win the Premier League here after a long time.

“A club that hasn’t won it for a long time, it’s my dream – honestly. I want to win it with this club.”

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