Bayelsa Suya: Why you should find these Maggots irresistible



Bayelsa suya
Bayelsa suya/ Photo Cr3edit: Bobby’s Signature

Have you ever come across Edible Maggot a.k.a Bayelsa suya?  It looks beautiful but I get scared whenever I see it not because it bites, rather, due to its body movement. It is rich in protein, Lipid and Carbohydrate. It also contains other minerals like; Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Phosphorus, Calcium, Zinc, and so on.

It is called; Palm Tree Weevil Larva which the Botanical name is also (Rhynchophorus phoenicis), a tasty delicacy enjoyed by most indigenous people living in places where palm trees are found. It is commonly known as edible maggots. It’s yellowish in colour and sometimes white. Not always common to find in the city, but you can engage the services of any local palm wine tapper around you. They are very skilled in detecting trees with good wine and trees infested with larvae and they will  readily get them for you at a price.

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My first experience was when I was very young. The day i was travelling with my elder sister to Warri Delta State, on beholding the site, I was imagining what that could be, and  as the vehicle we boarded was approaching the Patani road in Bayelsa state, passengers started beckoning the sellers just to buy some,  I felt like throwing up as i watch them eat the maggots with all pleasure.  But when I became older and started travelling alone, I decided to get some for myself, lo and behold, the very first day i tasted it, yummy taste! and I exclaimed! wow! ”So this is what I have been missing for years”.

These maggots are gotten from the dead or felled palm trees. With the sharp axe to  split the wood into smaller pieces and as they are spilling out you can always see edible maggots….lots of them.

It is not difficult to prepare, just roast them over the bare fire attached to thin sticks with lots of pepper and salt. Though some people eat it raw but I personally prefer it roasted. It tastes so nice like roasted chicken.

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It goes by different names in regions where it’s consumed. In the east, it is known as ‘’Eruru’’ while in the south-south, it is known as “Odon”. It can be served as snack with palm wine or KpoKpo garri.


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