How To Manage People And Have Them Do What You Want

How To Manage People And Have Them Do What You Want-Surge Zirc
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If you have ever had to manage even small number of persons, then you would understand how difficult a task it is to manage people.

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It does not matter the educational background of the persons you manage. Management of human being is altogether challenging.

Management of people whether in an office or home deals with getting people to do the things you need.

If you can get people around you to do the things you need, then, chances are that you will have success in human management; that is, you’ll manage right.

Being ‘bossy’ will not bring the best result in getting people to do the things you want in your office, even though most supervisors use the bossy technique. They ask people around forcefully, thereby exercising superiority.

It does not work that way when you manage people.

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A computer hardware dealer who was doing extremely well in business when he was managing a smaller number of staffs, wrecked down completely after he grew and started importation of computer spare parts and increased his staffs to five times what it was.

After Jones business ordeal, a study by experts revealed that Jones became bossy as he grew. He no longer had time to share ideas with his staffs. And so every staff member worked to satisfy the existing policies. There was no contribution on new ideas to move more sales and increase supply.

The staffs Jones managed never felt carried along.

How about asking the people you manage to get to do the things you need for some amount of money. It doesn’t really matter what the task is, there will be result but not as impressive as it will be when they are made part of the process.

Jones must have been paying his staffs agreed salary within the period the business suffered and died. The report revealed that Jones was interviewed, and he explained that he never owed salary.

To get the best out of the people you manage, you must get them really involved into what you do. When they’re involved it engages their brains.

Psychologically speaking, it is impossible for human beings to give 100 percent co-operation, unless they are made to involve their brain.

Let’s look at two instances of getting people to do the things we want through different approaches.

First, ask someone to help you do something. Tell them exactly what you expect them to do. Specifically tell them how much you will pay for the help. The point here is just make sure you tell them that you will only pay them for the assistance.

Get a sheet of paper, and write out your experience; the extent of co-operation, you get, and the result of your joint effort.

Secondly, get another person to help you carry out a task, this time, do not just ask that the person help you do the job, also ask him to help you ‘think’ about how to achieve your desired result. Let him manage to think along with you.

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You could say, “I have a problem trying to manage or fix my phone, please I need your help.” What do you think can be done? Do you have any ideas that I could possibly use? What do you think of my approach trying to solve the problem?

Then also get a street of paper and write down the co-operation you had this time.

Compare both result, you’ll find out that you got some co-operation with the first person you out-rightly offered to pay some amount of money for his time with the first method, while you got 100 percent co-operation and much more actual physical work from the other person with the second method.

By asking for his opinion, his brain has been invited, and human relation experts says hence the brain is involved you enjoy 100 percent co-operation dealing with a person.

To better manage people, get them involved.

Why is it that when you approach people with a need just to get them do something for you, they give you excuses for not having enough time to look at you task, or is it that you cannot manage them well?

But if you say ‘I have a problem working this out, do you have any idea how to work it out? They are more likely to jump over to share their thought.

The reason it is so is simple. Working with the second method activates a basic law of human nature. The law as revealed by psychologists show that people will do what you want more if you can get their brain and brawn both working on the task when you have to manage them.

As you manage people, develop the culture of engaging not just the person to function as a robot carrying out only your wish. Make sure that the persons brain and body are fully involved.

It’s more like people’s brain and body share a strong bond working together with no intention to ever work separately on any task.

For further proof, watch intently around your office. Workers who have no say whatsoever in the decision making process, who cannot make suggestions, whose ideas are not sorted for anytime, do not do as much work as workers who are invited into the decision making circle.

When my company just started, we suffered financial setback that affected paying staff salary. One of the major reasons no staff member left the company was that they all saw the challenges then as their problems.

I once got a question from a friend “Sam why do you get your staffs involved in everything you do, can’t you keep a secret?”

That was a friend whose intention was to help me manage my employees better. After explaining my reasons for always asking my staff to suggest a way to getting a work done.

Emmanuel understood with me that people are more interested in their program more than other people’s problems.

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Making your problems to be problem of those you manage can only be achieved by getting those you manage to pick up the challenge of suggesting how best to solve the problem.

The methodology of getting people to do what we want also works when you have to manage a home.

Let’s see about that and more in a subsequent edition of this same topic.

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