Marvelous! View The World’s Flower Gardens In Holland

The beautiful gardens and flower markets of the Netherlands
The beautiful gardens and flower markets of the Netherlands./Photo Credit: mailonline
Flower are beautiful and God  carefully designed them, they are used for beautification and it also signifies love. That is why a visit to the gardens and flower markets of the Netherlands for a short break is not only for a professional gardener, but it is actually a wonderful and interesting city break.

A traveler by name Charlie Dimmock narrated  her story on how she was  invited to join a river cruise to see the Dutch bulb fields last spring, which she couldn’t turn down as she saw it as an opportunity.

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Enjoy ”Charlie Dimmock’s” Tour Experience To The Flower Garden In Netherlands.

 ''Charlie Dimmock's'' Tour Experience To The Flower Garden In Netherlands.
”Charlie Dimmock’s” Tour Experience To The Flower Garden In Netherlands./Photo Credit: mailonline

”My home for four days was to be the Lady Anne, a small and friendly ship that is owned and managed by the charismatic Captain Wido, who also does a fine line in crooning at the end of the day”.

”After joining the boat at Dordecht, the first day throws you deep into the heart of Holland’s floral traditions with a coach visit to the world’s largest flower auction in Aalsmeer”.

Chakie Dimmock  joined  boat
Chakie Dimmock joined boat at Dordecht./Photo Credit: mailonline

”I will never look at those bouquets on garage forecourts in the same way again after seeing this incredible display of colour and activity”.

”I had been to the auction several years before, but that time I had arrived late and nearly everything had gone. There was no risk of this happening on our cruise, where the early start of 6am enabled us to see all the stunning flowers that are traded daily from more than ten countries”.

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”This is where at least half of the world’s cut flowers are bought and sold every day, and it is a sight to behold”.

”The second day of our short break took us to the beautiful Keukenhof gardens. Spring is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the swathes of flowers grown in amazingly creative displays across this 80-acre expanse of loveliness”.

”In April, Keukenhof was in its full glory – absolutely nothing was over and everything was fresh and intense. I particularly loved the wilder areas and the woodland spaces that were not so formally planted and the full morning we spent there was just enough to enjoy the space – and not too much to be exhausting”’.

The beauty of our coach journey from the boat to the gardens was that we were able to enjoy the pretty Dutch villages and towns along the way, as well as the traditional tulip fields that were also in full and wonderful bloom.

”The final stop of our cruise was Amsterdam, where we were able to moor right by the main railway station, making it less than a ten-minute walk to get into the heart of one of Europe’s most flamboyant cities”.

”Those of us who didn’t want to explore on our own were given an option to join a private cruise, where we ”oohed”! and” aahed”! over the most picturesque canalside views. It was a perfect few days of just enough activity, with time to stop and take stock”’.

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”I believe that one of the untold pleasures of river cruising is just sitting with a nice cuppa in a comfortable lounge, up on deck, watching the riverside scenery unfold from countryside to city and back again”.

”I loved this almost as much as the excursions, and it is the thing that will take me back to the river again, whenever I get the chance”, She concluded


Adapted From: mailonline

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