MASSOB suggests ways to end Agitations in Nigeria

MASSOB suggests ways to end agitations in Nigeria

Concerning the current agitations in the country, Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign States of Biafra (MASSOB), has suggested that Federal Government should organize a national conference where views from all ethnic groups in the country will be tackled, and forgets the issue of restructuring the country.

While announcing date to celebrate MASSOB’s upcoming 18th anniversary on September 13, 2017, MASSOB’s Director of Information, Sunny Okereafor said:

Restructuring is not the solution to the increasing agitations by several ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. Restructuring is akin to scratching the surface of the problems.

Igbo want Biafra; Yoruba want Oduduwa Republic, Boko Haram want Islamic republic and the Hausa/Fulani wants the status quo to be maintained because it is in their favor and others want resource control. The question is what are you restructuring for?

Every section of Nigeria had agreed that the federation isn’t workable; Fulani herdsmen are killing and raping our women with the federal government playing the ostrich, the north heads all the military and Para military agencies, oil producing communities live in abject poverty, grade A positions are only reserved for natives of certain parts of the country.

Ndigbo have been relegated to second class citizens. In the kind of situation prevailing in Nigeria, a sovereign national conference is the only solution. The federal government should convene a sovereign national conference without further delay.”

Okereafor says the issue of agitations was caused by injustice and marginalization in Nigeria.

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