Mazi Mbonu Ojike! Served palm-wine in place of whisky.


This is Mazi Mbonu Ojike the boycott king, an illustrious son of African Continent.

Mazi Mbonu Ojike the boycott king, an illustrious son of African Continent.

The man who served palm-wine in place of whisky.

Mazi Mbonu Ojike, was a culturist to the core, he promoted the African tradition with no compromise.

A practical case of his passion for the tradition of the African people, his father’s land was when he as the then minister of works was visited by some white men, they presented a bottle of whisky as a measure of goodwill, and Mazi Mbonu Ojike ordered for a keg of palm wine from his aid.

As the palm-wine was poured into a jar, the white man asked inquisitively why palm-wine instead of a filtered whisky. At once he informed them that the palm-wine was the filtered whisky of his father’s land. That was a pragmatic approach to revolutionize the feared impending doom of loosing the rich and valued tradition of the African people.

The second resilient gesture towards upholding the culture of the African people was demonstrated when he made a law that no worker under his watch would be allowed to wear an English attire to work.

Mazi Mbonu Ojike advised all his staff to make wears out of the African Ankara. What a man of true honour, no trace of loot of National treasury. African missed you, Nigerian missed you, we all missed you.

Mazi Mbonu Ojike of blessed memory, the man whom the hostel i was trained in the University of Nigeria Enugu Campus was named after.

We shall continue with the great contributions of Mazi Mbonu Ojike soon after now.

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