Meet The Man In Black And White, Hushpuppi

Meet The Man In Black And White, Hushpuppi-Surge Zirc
Nigerian billionaire Hushpuppi/ photo credit: Instagram

Hushpuppi, the Nigerian billionaire remains a mystery to the general public, as millions still wonders what business he’s into.

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We can only tell he very much flaunts expensive Gucci products, travel to different part of the world and shoot-up glamorous pictures from his fabulous lifestyle.

Hushpuppi have had to deal with several critics over being a billionaire without a business.

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The money controller obviously sees less of words against him, he rather pushes forward his exorbitant lifestyle.
With all the money, he is still single.

He rather host yacht party in Dubai. Many times he advertised ticket for interested people to join his private yacht party. Could that be the source of his income?… Damn!

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Hushpuppi’s birthday is today 11th October 2018, and he celebrates it in Black and White.

Following his possible black Gucci shoes, white pant, white inner shirt, black jacket, Hushpuppi got Surge Zirc gossiper’s ‘The Man In Black And White Thursday Caption’.

Happy birthday bro…(Don’t even know your real age) Lol.

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