Miami Open: Kokkinasis Says He Knew He could Beat Federer

Thanasis Kokkinakis (left) and Roger Federer (right) during their match in the Miami Open/
The Miami Open has been an intriguing tournament that has featured a whole lot of twists and turns in the unravelling of events. The players have done beautifully well in their games but with each game, it is discovered that their bests have not really been good enough to keep them in the tournament as stronger opponents tend to emerge and outplay them to get to the next stage.

World number 1 Roger Federer was beaten in the Sunday’s tournament by his opponent Thanasi Kokkinakis. This game arguably caused the biggest shock in 2018 as Kokkinakis claims to have known he could beat Federer after he comfortably received his serve in the second set opening game.

The 21-year-old lost to Federer in the first set with a 6-3 aggregate and later made a thrilling 6-3, 7-6 comeback, beating the world number 1.

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Here’s what he said to the reporters. “The big game was the first game of the second set where I played a shocker.

“When I broke him I think go 3-1, I was like okay. I didn’t really make him play too ma ny balls until then.

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“I was able to get that. He gave me maybe some cheap errors.”

Kokkinakis could not contain his excitement when he was asked how he felt when he discovered that the match was taking a new turn in his favour. He aptly pointed out to Federer’s inability to convert from the beginning of the second set.

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He said “that game I knuckled down, he gave me one double-flat but I knuckled it down, put more pressure on him and started dictating the points.

“I started to dictate there, especially in the second set.

“I said if he beats me by hitting winners, too good. But he didn’t.”

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