Miss Surge Zirc 2018 Camping Programme

Miss Surge Zirc 2018 Camping Programme-Surge Zirc
Miss Surge Zirc 2018 beauty pageant show/Photo credit: Surge Zirc

Miss Surge Zirc Beauty pageant is scheduled to run for ten active days before the grand finale, which is the beauty pageantry contest proper.

Day 1

The first day in camp begins with arrival to-camp visual interview, which is targeted at capturing the locations of the contestants and how they got to know of the pageantry.

Day 2

On the second day in camp, the beauty queens are meant to take-up the challenge of going through a particular game that is set-out for the day with a view to scouting through to the next stage. While the least group is evicted from the camp.

Day 3

The successful group from day 2 will be subjected to yet another task meant for the day, thereby paving way for the least group among the groups to stand –up for eviction.

Day 4

As three persons get evicted from the previous (day 2 and 3), on the fourth day  a total of 24 contestants stands up for a more severe and educating tasks that will qualify the competent groups or queens and leaves those that perform poorly with the choice of being evicted from the camp.

Day 5

Having in mind that a total of 10 beauty queens only are expected to qualify to contest on the grand finale, Day 5 positions a more confusing tasks that suggests which of the queens deserve contesting for the crown.

Day 6

Day 6 is programmed not to evict any of the contestants as recreational programmes and cultural display will take over as the activities of the day. This is to make the camp absolutely lively and fun-filled.

Day 7

Day 7 will evict four of the contestants after the day’s task to make up for the non-eviction programme that held on day 6. With that, the expected 16 persons will qualify for the next stage.

Day 8

As we step into day 8 we draw closer to the end of the camping and two contestants are slated to be evicted after emerging the least two among all. Interestingly contestants leaving the camp from this stage goes home with a customized “Miss Surge Zirc 2018 Contestant” 16 inches x 16 inches pillow.

Day 9

Another two unlucky contestants will be evicted after the day’s programme and they will leave with the branded pillow.

Day 10

This is the final day in camp. The last and most interesting activity has been programmed to wrap up the camping activities respectively. The last two to be evicted at this stage, will be part of the ‘last camp day groove’ before getting their eviction news.

Meanwhile they will also leave with the branded pillow with farewell and a testimonial message to be read to the world by a Surge Zirc representative.

The remaining ten contestants automatically qualifies to contest for the “Golden Crown” at the grand finale.

Wishing all the potential contestants the best in advance from Surge Zirc.

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