Missy Elliott’ Little ‘Ms Fendi Dior’ Got A Flying Style


Missy Elliott’s little ‘Ms FENDI Dior’ is a little lovely puppy, which she dresses with rock style mini jeans skirt and belt/ halter top. Missy couched interesting post for Ms Fendi Dior, and she puts up what Dior would do in her first day in school…what? Just follow Missy’S comment below:

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missymisdemeanorelliott ”Ms FENDI Dior say DON’T COME 4 HA TODAY everyday she HUSTLING for them doggy treats😩🤣😂 & she say be VERY CLEAR yes she is rocking a GLITTER BELT😳🤷🏾‍♀️😂 & her mini jean skirt/& halter top🙄 A MESS! But she learning to sit & lay so when she start school next week she SNATCHING all Puppy furs! Aka WIGS”

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missymisdemeanorelliott ”Ok Now Ms Fendi Dior said I’m just no REGULAR PUP I am part human😳 she know how to say HI when she wanna be CLASSY and when she wanna be a lil RATCHET (Hood) she say WASSUP🤷🏾‍♀️🤣😂🤣 she too grown! She just 4 months but she will Knuck if u buck😂🤣 Run up on you like a Pittbull😱😩🤣 & yes she is rocking her Louise Vuitton dress honey! Her stylist is HERSELF!🙄😂🤣Hair by”

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