Mohammed Salah Huffed At The Egyptian FA Over ‘Major Insult’

Mohammed Salah Huffed At The Egyptian FA Over ‘Major Insult’
Liverpool star mohamed Salah/ 101
Mohammed Salah, the Egyptian 25-year-old football star and idol is currently at loggerheads with the Egyptian Football Association for the unauthorized use of his image, and has thrown tantrums over his disapproval and disappointment of that act.

The Liverpool striker and highest goal scorer for the season says it is a enormous insult to him and he really is not happy about it, considering the fact that the World Cup in Russia is less than two months away and they have said nothing about it to him.

He made this statement via his twitter page, referring to the unauthorized use of his image:

“Sorry but this is a major insult … I was hoping the handling (of the dispute) would be classier than this.”

The 25-year-old is outrightly furious that his image is conspicuously featured on the outside of the national team’s plane which was provided for them by their official sponsor, WE. This is contradicting and opposing as the Liverpool striker has a sponsorship deal with Vodafone, a rival telecommunications firm.

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He completed his statement by saying: “Especially since Egypt is going to participate in the 2018 World Cup.”

Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas, made a tweet on Saturday vis-à-vis the situation at hand and was quoted by ESPNFC. He said they have been waiting on the Egyptian officials to contact them or give a soothing response as to why they did what they did and how they intend going about a resolution but have heard nothing from them until then.

“We have not even been contacted for a resolution! Nothing! Complete silence!” tweeted Abbas.

Egypt’s Minister for Youth and Sports, Khaled Abd Abdel-Aziz reportedly made a tweet a few hours after Mo Salah’s, probably as a reply to his.

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“Mohamed Salah is an idol for Egyptian youth, loving and loyal to his homeland and represents his country in Europe in the best way.” Said Abdel-Aziz, as quoted by ESPNFC.

For the first time in 28years, Egypt has pulled through and qualified for the World Cup and Mo Salah presents a huge hope for them and their chances if they will scale through the Group A stage against Russia (Host country), Saudi Arabia and Uruguay.

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