The Morning After: Bovi Realises It’s His Birthday And May…

The Morning After: Bovi Realises I'ts His Birthday And May...- Surge Zirc
Nigerian comedian, Bovi/ Photo credit: Instagram

It’s this funny dude’s birthday, Bovi, one of Nigerian nicest and funniest comedian just realised it’s his birthday.

Bovi took to Instagram to leave a thoughtful message to everyone he’s met in the past and present.

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See how you’re affected from what Bovi said:

officialbovi Whenever my birthday comes around, I just find myself being grateful to every human being I’ve come across in this life. From those who showed me unconditional love to those who couldn’t sustain it.

Those who gave me and those who took from me. Those whom I’ve learned from directly and those who don’t even know their world inspires me.

I have come to understand that every being is a reflection of me. It only takes time but you will find a piece of you in everybody.

This has made me embrace my strengths and accept my weaknesses. It’s made me less judgmental and more accommodating.

I’ve learned to accept being wrong even when I’m right. I’ve realized that what people believe becomes their reality and so I don’t question their rational harshly.

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I have most importantly come to grips with the fact that virtually every human is programmed. So I respect people’s programming while preaching what I believe is a better version to them.

I have also found out that my joy comes from how I treat others. I have realized that nothing is really personal and it’s hardly ever about me what someone does to hurt me.

Lastly I have also discovered what I came to this life to do… I came to this life to enjoy. If I’m not going to enjoy it, I won’t do it. Even if the process is painful, I want to enjoy the pain. Thank you world for tolerating me this long. You’re going to be doing this for a long time, God willing

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