The Morning After: Okon Lagos Realised Buhari Overrides Law, Because He’s Older Than Law



This video cracked my ribs like funny. Okon Lagos, one of Nigeria’s most comic entertainers has given a spot-light on why Nigerian president Buhari should not be blamed for overriding the rule of law.

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According to the short video posted by the Nollywood comedian, a person who’s older than a country should not be charged on account of disrespect for the rule of law, when he neglects the law. Lol.

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Okon, therefore, discharged all allegations that the president of Nigeria is a dictator, tyrannical and disrespectful to the laws of the country, on the account that he must not respect a country that he’s older than.

Hey! Come on, could he be making a point? Has Nigerian laws suffered thus just because of its younger age in comparison to Mr. President who is expected to uphold and respect it?

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The comic character, then advised Nigerians to act more wisely as they prepare to choose a president in the next election.

For me, this is comedy with loads of message for Nigerians.

Install a president that a country is older than and he would respect the rule of law… Okon Lagos say so

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Meanwhile, Okon Lagos has been away from Instagram for sometime. On his arrival, he posted a funny photo of him using an umbrella right inside a house. Lol

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