The Morning After: Result Of Clinical Examination Of Comedian AY ‘s Brain

The Morning After: Result Of Clinical Examination Of Comedian AY 's Brain-Surge Zirc
AY,the man whose brain Surge gossiper has taken to the lab/ photo credit: Instagram

Just while I was thinking comedian AY’s brain needs laboratory attention, Matthew walked in with an exclamation: “AY is super human!”

It’s quite funny how some dudes overtake their folks so smoothly, as though they were programmed on PS4 stage.

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Hey… Listen up, the difference is thinking and being proactive. AY just thinks better than 50 Nigerian celebrities put together. Gosh!

Okay, let’s get down on something very practical.

AY started off stand-up comedy with other Nigerian comedians at the same time. That was when comedy was more like a side attraction in major events. Comedy was not a full blown show and business in Nigeria.

After a while, AY stepped out of the box, during “A Night of a Thousand Laughs” era, with other comedians and created the biggest comedy show in Africa; AY Live.

The Morning After: Result Of Clinical Examination Of Comedian AY 's Brain-Surge Zirc
AY Live show recently held in Port Harcourt/ Photo credit: Instagram

He became an entrepreneur, paying other comedians. He has successfully taken AY Live show to many international stages…different countries.

Now, other comedians wears long faces when AY takes time to put up AY Live show, as a result of a busy business schedule. You know why? They pray for invitation to be featured, otherwise, they will be left with no option but to anchor ‘MC’ jobs during birthday celebration. Lol

AY has made an indelible mark history will never forget in a hurry should the Warri born comedian extinct today.

That’s not all.

Few years back, AY delved into movie production. His first movie was ’30 Days in Atlanta’, which he filmed in an International community with a few Hollywood big faces. Like Vivica Fox, Lynn Whitfield Clara, Karlie Redd Kimberly, John Schmedes and a host of other Nollywood heavyweight like Ramsey Nuoah, Richard Mofe Damijo, Mercy Johnson, Desmond Elliott and lots more.

Guess what, ’30 Days in Atlanta’ made it to the Guinness Book of Records. Wat! Sure, almost if not, every movie AY produced bagged home awards and reached tremendous milestones.

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Now, ‘Merry Men’ AY’s latest movie is showing in cinemas across the nation. The premier of ‘Merry Men’ Original Yoruba Demon…was captioned ‘Agbada Challenge’. A niche that made the premier more than just a movie premier, it was a must witness event across the country. Everyone fought through tiny links to view the damn movie.

The Morning After: Result Of Clinical Examination Of Comedian AY 's Brain-Surge Zirc
Merry Men premiere Spiced with the ‘Agbada Challenge’/ photo credit: Instagram

Personally, I’ve wondered where the so-called big names in the movie industry are that a comedian takes home all the accolades in movie making.

Where is Tchidi Chikere, Ernest Obi, Frank Raja, and many others. We’re not mentioning leagues of jokers parading themselves as marketers and movie making barons at the Alaba International Market and Onitsha. Next they’ll take lead in issuing a ban on an artist they have issues against.

The association of movie practitioners in Nigeria, if there is any reasonable body like that, should thank Genevieve Nnaji who recently directed and produced a movie with the title “Lion Heart” which Netflix acquired. She’d narrowly escaped the lashes here.

My anger now is this, instead of thinking on how to improve the movie industry, Nollywood artists are busy taking selfies and photo-shopping for Instagram.

One other Nollywood actor who believes his dress sense and arrogance is what he needs to remain in stardom, must have sniffed the coffee by now, with emergence of Ebuka and Co. the so called fashionistas.

Some others have decided to demonstrate their frustration by delving into politics. We have some posters flagged up for the position of governors, house members, and a few others who’re still confused on what position to go for.

They think their case would be like that of Desmond Elliott, who’s a law maker in Lagos State. Hey! That opportunity has just been shut down. All of you should go think of being like AY or better. Quit demonstrating confusion.

Common guys, why will AY beat Nigerian movie practitioners home and abroad. He will beat them in comedy flawless, now, in movie production, he’s doing same. Let’s freaking talk about this shit…

This is why Surge gossiper took AY’s brain to the lab for a check.

Guess what?
AY has got no magic, he’s no super human and he’s not a member of Illuminati. Next they will put up a rumour that he got initiated before doing all of his bids.

The test result will amaze you all.

The secret AY uses is within you, but you either have not realised it or doesn’t know anything next to it. Information is power.

There’s going to be a workshop. Surge Zirc gossiper will be assisting directors, producers and actors, even non movie practitioners who wants to start up movie production with how to go about producing a block buster movie, and how to get it at the sight of millions of people.

Hello, listen up

It’s not that AY puts up a kind of theatrical performance in his movies that no one has ever done. Most common Nollywood movies will comfortably dust his movies, considering story, casting, Art, sound, message and picture yet they’re not heard of at all.

It then shows that AY has a secret you aren’t using.

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The secret to making your movie go viral after production will be published on Surge Zirc soon only if this post gets 100 comments requesting we publish it.

I recently got inbox message from a friend who just finished producing his movie and doesn’t know what next to do with the master copy.

He wanted me to suggest a friend in Alaba, where some gullible local movie practitioners formed a cabal to be frustrating talents. No I wouldn’t do that for any reason, not after what they did to me when I was still naive.

This guys practically frustrated me. I wondered why some outstanding producers in Nigeria doesn’t rely on them to make money with their movies.

I told my young friend; “Hey bro, I don’t work with those dudes anymore.”

But I obviously can’t help my young friend hence he’s produced the movie already. The formula for making your movie go viral must be applied from the pre-production to post-production.

The full pack will be published soon.

The Brain-box, the super strategic thinker and chairman of AY Live Show… The man whose brain we examined in the lab. Ayo popularly known as AY, never had it easy with critics.

aycomedian “I remember some critics saying it was a fluke from the very first to the second, and third. All i did was to learn from from the positive/constructive criticisms, and completely walked away from negativity.

“Never worry what others say when you walk away from all the drama they put up just to discredit your efforts.

“Be grateful you had the strength and courage to stay out of the conflict and be at peace with your choices.

“Here we are again with #MerryMen, another Box Office No 1 movie in Nigeria. We are off to Ibadan for a meet and greet session with lovers of the Merry Men. Don’t forget to go see #MerryMen today in Cinemas nationwide. #AGBADACHALLENGE.”

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Put together a super ambition to produce a world class movie, with the know-how as we’re about to unveil in our next post, you’ll still need to battle with critics.

Remember if critics kills, even the skunk would have extinct.

To be better in all your life endeavours, you must think out of the box. Learn from the master and step on your critics judgement of you.

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