Unraveled Secrete For Winning The Heart Of Mothers-in-law

Mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law
Mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law/photo credit: Information Nigeria
There are controversies still lingering as it relates to mother-in-law vs sister in-law relationship. I have met ladies overtime saying they wish their mothers -in-law were dead or they will wish her dead before marrying into the family. According to them, mothers in-law often stand as stumbling blocks between them and their husbands. But on the contrary, some women wish their mothers-in-law alive.

Let us be sincere to ourselves, if you happen to be in that your mother’s -in-law shoes, would you like to be told such? As a daughter in-law today, you will someday become a mother-in-law. Therefore, women should drop such ‘‘hate speech” and try to be a home builder and advocate for peace at home.

It is not that I’m in support of some mother’s in-law attitude towards their daughter’s in-law; rather, I want them to still take them as their biological mothers. I quite agree that most mothers-in-law are difficult and impossible to live with, but there are solutions to every problem despite how difficult they might seem.

Women please, strive to follow these steps and win the heart of your mother-in-law;

DON’T ACT FROM WHAT YOU HEARD: If you’re about getting married to a man and his mother is still alive, before meeting her one-on-one you must have been fed with both the good and ugly side of the woman, please don’t harbor resentment at heart before meeting her. It will create a bad impression and result to a display of negative attitude towards her. At times, it might be all lies just for you not to marry in that family. That woman might turn out to be a very nice person. Allow her to behave negatively to you first before unnecessary reactions or conclusions.

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SEE HER AS YOUR MOTHER: Do not give room for discrepancy; accept her wholeheartedly like your own mother whether she is nice to you or not, use love to weaken her. Remember that without her, you wouldn’t have seen that lovely man you married. You never can tell, she might treat you better than your own mother. Yes! I see some women testify of that.

MAKE UP YOUR MIND TO BE NICE: Before going into any marriage, make up your mind to be a nice person to you mother in-law so that even if she happens to be alive or not, bad or good, your mind is already made up to be a good woman.
DO NOT COMPARE HER TO YOUR MOTHER:  If you happen to have a bad mother and God helped you to have a good mother-in-law, do not make it known to her, it will be a slap on your mother’s face and she can hold that as a reason to maltreat you by having it at the back of her mind that; since your mother is not nice to you how then do you expect her to be nice? She will so deal with you having in mind that no one will come to your aid.


DO NOT COME BETWEEN HER AND HER SON:  If you happen to marry a man that is so attached to his mother, or the only son, the bond is often times so strong. A lot of women fail in this aspect; saying that their mothers-in-law should know that her son is married. I agree, only allow her to some extent. I know most mothers-in-law go beyond extremes and I stand to condemn that. I’m saying that, some have gone through a lot to see their son become whom they are; just allow them enjoy their son a little.

TREAT HER MORE GOOD COMPARE TO HER SON: If you find out that her son pampers her, do more for her. If you also find out that her son doesn’t care for her, don’t join hands with him to neglect her, instead, take the place of her son and show her how to treat a mother. Call her pet names, observe her birthdays, buy her gifts when she least expects it, visits her often, [in the case she’s not living with you] and so on. This is the top most secrete that will make her like you.

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BE HARD-WORKING: Try to be a contributor and asset to your husband or husband to be. Doing so, his people will not see you an extractor but a contributor. There is a usual in-laws slogan that says; ‘’ my son owns all these’’,’’ my brother has all these’’. But that language will disappear if they see that you are either working, or have contributed in  business before marrying their son or brother. Then they will know that at least you contributed to the buying of some of the properties. Some women even own most of the properties. This will attract more respect to you.

BE GODLY: In fact it pays to be godly. If you happen to find yourself in a family where God is not considered, show them the light and make a difference. But whereby the family is godly, add to it, with what you have, you will find out that the family meeting cannot hold without your presence and no decision will be taken as-well without your consent.

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