Backing a child- African Norm Mothers must keep


Backing a child with a wrapper and what is called ‘oja’ is done by tying the wrapper or oja on the waist of the child. This help the child on the back stick stronger and the ”oja”  also, helps the wrapper to hold the child should the wrapper unknowingly loosened

Backing a child
Backing a child/photo credit: Batta Box
Mothers should keep the African norm of backing their child and not carrying their child in front, which has become a style must Africans have adopted. Women are fully embracing the western culture which is in no way to be compared to African culture. One  thing we must know is that,  the western women secretly envy us, they copy us each time they find themselves in Africa.

Backing a child has been our norm in Africa and this makes a child balanced and comfortable unlike the front carriage. It is the kangaroo style, they carry their child in the front. Mothers should stop all these western emulation and learn to value our culture so that the western women can value us.

Backing a child with a wrapper and what we call ”oja”. it is tied on the waist of the child. this makes the backing to be strong and the ”oja”  also, helps the wrapper to hold the child should the wrapper unknowingly loosened. It depicts motherhood and a true mama Africa. The baby feels comfortable when is backed that way. It gives the mother the room to do whatsoever she wants to do during the day without feeling it. It doesn’t disturb also, for instance if the mother wants to go to the market with the baby on her back, she can carry any kind of load on her head, or mothers that carries their goods on the head for sell, it doesn’t disturb them. But no mother can carry her child on the front and do all these.

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The only problem is a situation whereby the baby is not well tied on the back, the wrapper can loosen and the  baby can fall and die and gets injured. Even mothers that board motor-bike and carry their child on their hand, or backing the child without proper backing, should the wrapper loosens, while the bike is on transit, guess what? the child will fall and die, there are no two ways about it.

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African mothers should learn to back their child and not to be quick to embrace western method that is no way better off. Am not saying that the front carriage is bad, but backing a child has been there from time immemorial and has to continue.


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