Mouratoglou Says Serena Williams’ Comeback Is Her Greatest Challenge

Former world number one at the 2017 Australia Open where she won the championship and emerged as world number 1/
Serena Williams, the 23 times Grand Slam winner and mother is yet recover fully and get back in shape for her tennis career as she is yet to make a spectacular impact in the tennis world. Recovering from a second blood clot issue and making her way back to the top may be her greatest challenge in history.

Coach Patrick Mouratoglou was asked in an interview if her latest comeback will represent the biggest test of her career. He had this to say about it: “It probably is… now she is 36, just had a child, a second blood clot, has gone more than a year without any competition. I think we can say without a doubt that this is her biggest challenge.”

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The American Tennis star represented the United states in a Fed Cup doubles match last month and has been scheduled to play for the Country at Indian Wells this week.

The 36-year-old and former world number one returned from a life-draining surgery that entailed blood clot on her lung and struggled her way back to the top of the rankings In 2012 and has yet again had another blood clot after the birth of her daughter. The star said she nearly gave up the ghost after the birth of her daughter in September 2017.

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Speaking about her doggedness and resilience as it concerns her expectations and career goals, Mouratoglou said: “Serena’s target will be to win grand slams. She knows that coming back might take some time, but her level of expectation is high as always. There are three grand slams left this season. They will be her three main goals for 2018.”

While urging fans to keep their fingers crossed and lookout for the French Open and also keep up with their support for the American, Mouratoglou also iterated how important time is, in order for her to adjust to the drills and rigours of the sport.

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“I think she’ll be ready for Roland Garros. The competitions she will play until then will help her and every day she progresses on her fitness,” said Coach Mouratoglou on the Women’s Tennis Association website.

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