You Mustn’t Be Perfect To Be Used By God – Pastor Majid Michael

You Mustn't Be Perfect To Be Used By God - Pastor Majid Michael -
Actor Majid Michael/ Instagram

It’s becoming a trend for actors to cross-carpet into pastoral leadership. The likes of ‘Zack Orji’, ‘Larry Koldsweat’, ‘Liz Beson’, ‘Eucharia Anunobi’, ‘Patient Ozokwor’ and lots more started it. And now Ghanaian Actor ‘Majid Michael’ is among the vibrant actor-turn evangelists.

The sensational actor released a message in his capacity as a servant of God…Enjoy!

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”Most of us think we have to be perfect before we can be used by the Holy Spirit. Or we have to be knowledgeable in a lot of biblical material before we become qualified to start doing God’s work.
You know if you think like that, it’s like sitting in the classroom in your first grade and the teacher walks in, looks at everybody quietly and says “All of you need to graduate first before we can start teaching you”. ….. No! that’s impossible. You don’t need to be perfect to start. i do God’s Work. You think i’m perfect? You think i know all the verses in the Bible? You think i don’t sin? i’m no different from you.

”But i made a choice in Faith, and grace is sufficient ! The word of God says the Holy Spirit will teach you all things. God knows you don’t know stuff, that’s why He’s asking you to seek. God knows you are weak, that’s why He’s saying He’s your strength. it’s a learning process that’s why He’s saying He will teach you so you can learn, correct the mistakes and grow. But you have to start just the way you are. He likes you just the way you are.

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”Just be yourself and let HiM be HiMSELF in YOU. HOW DO YOU START??? Just start with your close friends, people in the office, Father/mother in law, siblings etc. just start sharing whatever interests you about the word of God with those close to you first and see how they respond.

”That’s how you start. start working for HiM Now and He will start Teaching you all things and He will direct your steps to your original purpose for which He sent you on the planet for. You can have all the cars and houses in the world and have the whole world follow you but that only makes you a successful failure if you have not discovered your true purpose for which you were created. #LEADERSHiP”

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