Myths and Mysteries of Zuma Rock, Nigeria

Zuma Rock Nigeria

Zuma rock is one Nigeria’s iconic natural wonders of the fringes of the border of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and Niger state Nigeria.The rock has remained a source of attraction for tourists around the world. Investigations also shows the myths and mysteries surrounding the wonder rock.


Standing tall and majestic, bestowing on the landscape the gift of its presence is Zuma Rock. Majestic in its appearance, the other mountains in and around Abuja and Niger State stay a respectable distance from it; actually paying it a kind of obeisance for its royal presence in the area.

Several centuries down the line, Zuma Rock still has multiple mysterious stories woven around it. Investigation reveals that some people believe many mysterious things happen around the tourist attraction earnestly waiting to be tapped.

While some say ritualists operate around this wonder-piece, using children and adults for their dirty sacrifices, others have tales of unseen evil spirits dwelling in the belly of the rock.

Still, others regard it as a den for ritualists, a hidden temple for initiation into the world of the occult and an abode for dare-devil armed robbers who seek temporary refuge there whenever they conclude a successful operation and want to share their loot or when security agencies are on their trail.

Some people still claim that there are 40 virgins surrounding the rock and that whoever tries to climb or touch them will die instantly.

Not far from the rock, is an uncompleted white abandoned edifice known as the Zuma Rock Hotel with other uncompleted buildings scattered around it. People have different stories on what transpired that led to the abandonment of the hotel.

While some attribute the reasons to be lack of patronage, a position many fault considering that the hotel never commenced official business, others claimed that some mysterious powers around the Zuma Rock frustrated the completion of the project. But the indigenes; the Koro people have an entirely different explanation.

The mysteries are so numerous!



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