New Features Added to Facebook Messenger



Facebook Messenger lets Facebook users send messages to each other. It was launched as a standalone app on the Android and iOS operating systems in August 2011 and the functionality was then removed from the main Facebook app in April 2014.

Over time, Facebook Messenger kept updating its app, adding more and new features, to make it easier to use.
Recently, stickers were updated, then it added games, but the latest update simply aims to make the popular app even easier to use by introducing a few subtle tweaks to Messenger’s home screen in a bid to make it more user-friendly.

The service is now split into three tabs, letting users instantly access their messages, see which friends are ‘Active now’ and lastly, go straight into their favorite Groups. The update also introduces a new bottom bar, which has tabs for home, calls, camera, people and games. A red dot next to one of these tabs will indicate that someone’s tried to reach you, meaning that users on the go can easily see who’s communicating with them through Messenger, and by which method.

This update looks to do one thing that everyone can appreciate, save you time. Yet, with various concerns arising over how Facebook handles users’ privacy, you might want to be careful about how much you want to say through Messenger.
Given all the new features Facebook has crammed into Messenger recently, this is definitely a welcome addition.

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