How Nigerian actresses use diabolic means to get movie roles

Sarah Ebhota
Sarah Ebhota
A shocking revelation has been made by a movie star, Chidinma Nwadike who claims that not less than 80% of Nigerian actresses use diabolic means to get acting roles in the movie industry, 

This information that was disclosed by Chidinma has generated a lot of reactions from different sources. And has now been seconded by another nollywood actress, Sarah Ebhota.

In a chat with Potpourri, Sarah said she had once caught a Nollywood actress with charm hidden in her bag.

When asked if she Nollywood actress use ‘juju’ to get roles, she said…

“I will say it is true that many actresses use charms to get movie roles because there’s this film ‘Juju wood’ that showed where actors and actresses use charms to get roles.

“And in some cases, like some locations I have been, you see the cast fighting themselves spiritually just because of a role.”

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“I have once seen a charm in an actress’ bag at a location in Asaba.

“That’s what I have to say about that but as for me I strongly believe in God. He gave me the talent and He has been supporting me. God is my strength,” Sarah said

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