Nigerian Man Jumps To His Death To Escape From Malaysian Police



Man jumps to escape Malaysian police
Malaysia Police Logo/ Photo credit:

On Sunday, March 11th, a Nigerian man in Malaysia died after jumping from the 13th floor of a condominium, apparently to avoid being arrested.

According to reports, Police were conducting a raid at an apartment in Desa Aman Puri, Kuala Lumpur, following the Report of a 58-year-old woman who lost RM13,200 ($4,443) in a parcel scam.

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Gombak District police Chief, Ali Ahmad, said the police arrested a Nigerian man and a Filipino woman in a raid at about 12.30am before raiding another unit  an hour later.

The District Police Chief in a press conference said: “Another Nigerian man evaded arrest and was believed to have jumped off the 13th floor of the condom.

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“Seven debit cards, eight mobile phones and five laptops were seized during the raid.”

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Mr Ali Ahmad added that authorities in Gombak district were investigating 84 cases of parcel scams with losses totalling RM531,660.


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