Nutritionist Revealed How Many ”Avocado” Seed To be Taken Daily

Nutritionist Revealed How Many Avocado Seed To be Taken Daily
Nutritionist Revealed How Many Avocado Seed To be Taken Daily/Photo Credit: medic-herbalblogspot
The avocado (Persea americana) is a tree, long thought to have originated in South Central Mexico, classified as a member of the flowering plant family Lauraceae. Avocado (also alligator pear) refers to the tree’s fruit, which is botanically a large berry containing a single large seed – Wikipedia

The avocado seed is rich and has lots of nutritional values. Eating it weekly can make you live longer, including regular exercises which cannot be overemphasized.

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Therefore for early death prevention, eat more of the superfood avocado

It is such a wonderful multipurpose seed that can be used in diverse ways such as;

Using it in place of blue band, it can be spread on bread and eat for breakfast or anytime, also adding it to your diet will give you that delicious taste. You should aim to eat about four avocados every week, nutritionists have revealed.

– Avocado helps provide the body with numerous nutrients and also reduces cholesterol, according to dietitian Juliette Kellow, and medical consultant Dr Sarah Brewer.

-Avocado is also said to contain the nutrient called ‘lutein’ which reduce the risk of prostate cancer growth, also controls blood pressure.

-Good for hair treatments as it serves as conditioner which softens the hair, stops breakage, cause the hair to shine and facilitate the growth.

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-Apply on the face to protect wrinkle because of the much fat contents, also lowers cholesterol.

-This creamy and delicious seeds are  high calories

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