Russia To ‘Ban British Media Outlet’ From The World Cup

Russian Spokeswoman for Ministry of Foreign Affairs/
Following the terrain these past few days, it has really been hot with the British and Russians at loggerheads with one facing ban from the other. First, the British Royal family was banned from going to Russia for the world cup by Prime Minister Theresa May and the UK.

Currently, British journalists can reportedly be banned from entering Russia to cover their home game in the World Cup this summer as a result of the escalating diplomatic row between the UK and the Kremlin.

The ban was done to avert and keep at bay any form of sinister and eminent danger poised at them following the incident of the attempted murder of a former Russian spy and his daughter with a chemical weapon on British soil earlier this month.

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This action also resulted in the British Prime minister expelling 23 Russian diplomats from UK with further sanctions. It further escalated to the point of the UK announcing that no ministers or the members of the royal family will be in attendance of the World Cup that is to kick-start in June in Russia.

This led to the telecoms regulator of the UK threatening to withdraw the broadcasting license for Russia Today (RT), an English-language, Russian-centric news channel funded by the Russian government.

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As a result of this, Maria Zakharova the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday evening announced that the country (Russia) will ban every single British News outlet from the World Cup should they withdraw RT or close it down.

“I can tell you right now that not a single British media outlet will be working in our country if they shut RT down,”

If the pronouncements of both the British telecom regulator and the Russian spokeswoman stand, it will further escalate the issue between both countries and may result in something scarier as they will go all out to undo the other and at all ends.

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At the moment, England has not been ruled out from participating in the tournament but it may draw some re-considerations from the FA should this ban on the British media outlet from the Russian end pull through as it will be unfair and unheard of that the British media will not be allowed to cover their team during the tournament.

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