Okorocha Regrets Leaving APGA: Laments His Loss Of APC Machinery!

Okorocha Regrets Leaving APGA: Laments His Loss Of APC Machinery!
Rochas Okorocha/photo credit:nigerianbulletin
Rochas Okorocha, the Imo State Governor  has lamented his disappointment over his loss of the APC Machinery. Okorocha, in a speech at Imo Government House Owerri, has said that his loss would not have been possible if he had remained a member of the All Progressive Grand Alliance(APGA).

He has told Imo State Youths while addressing them on the day of APC State Congress that Senator Ifeanyi Araraume’s APC-led Stakeholders in Imo State has misled his Commissioners and as well as Eze Madumere, his Deputy Governor.

Okorocha told them:

“In the days of APGA and how we were able to win victory and how we were able to get victory, despite the fact that all the political Juggernauts were not on our side. It was made possible by you the youths of Imo state.

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“We struggled in APGA, there was no one with us just like it is today and we won them at that time there was an incumbent governor, by name Ohakim, with a presidential PDP, with all the Army but we resisted them and won them.”

He continued:

“From APGA, we felt that it was important that we join the National party, we didn’t have to leave APGA, if we were in APGA, we would have still won our election. “By the time, we left APGA for APC, all these people were not with us but the youths are with us. I consulted some of you before I moved to APC.

“They called us all sorts of names. They gave me all kinds of names, making it difficult to win the election. With Goodluck supporting the deputy speaker, Emeka Ihedioha, to win the election. I was with God and I won the election.

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“But in APC, these men came and deceived my deputy governor and former SGI and commissioners and took them away. They thought when the take them away they will end rescue mission. They did not know that there are super ones still in the rescue mission government.”

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