One Statement That Reflects How People Feel About ‘Genevieve Nnaji’

Actress Genevieve Nnaji chilling with a friend/Photo credit: Instagram

Genevieve Nnaji is on focus. Meanwhile what rolled out got me wondering…let’s fix it.

People on Instagram are known for asking a lot of deep and complex questions, but lately folks have been dropping one very simple yet profound statements about the marital life of Genevieve Nnaji: How will she possibly get married when she is very proud and extremely reserved?

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I would’ve jumped some feet high if I need to…so I can stay away from reporting this. Remember Hollywood Morgan; When helpless just write!’ So? Winks.

Giving the opportunity, almost everyone will make a statement close to that. But, is Genevieve proud? I’m sure not answering that..figure it out. Meanwhile, lets caption the fact that the Nollywood movie superstar drops pictures on Instagram without statement nor caption.

I need a recent invented eye glasses to see a comment from the actress in reaction to a beautiful comment posted in appreciation of her adored personality. Please call my attention to one.

Actress Genevieve Nnaji chilling all alone/Photo credit: Instagram

Genevieve is widely loved by her fans and we’re sure she has as much love for them. Then is commenting on fans nice posts such an infamous thing to do? We could get just a few of too many reports from Gene’s post attractions.

smigglejacky – @genevievennaji The best ever dressed celeb in 9ja, no woman near you, in maturity, standard, model, Role, velocity, wealth, assent, feelings, greatness and so many more big qualities, gene your a world diva, the world best, this is truly the life of original IMO STATE woman, rock your world, as a woman i adore, respect and love you, @genevievennaji.

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a.jaianGenevieve you are too proud. Money is not everything. Come let me change your life for good. You believe all in money and pride living the most important things in your life behind.

stephenjudekingU guys keep extending arm of greetings to this woman@ Genevieve Nnaji. Yet, she finds difficult to reciprocate, at least for once. It’s funny though.

Actress Genevieve Nnaji chilling /Photo credit: Instagram

f_i_s_h_3dThis is how Genevieve will be forming till the end of her beauty. Go and marry and belong to someone. Hide and seek is not good. You’re already a sugar nummy to thousands of us. Nor be say you go ever reach my hand. I love you.

I can’t help but wonder if this statements truly describes the Nollywood actress. Bring us you thought and let’s do it together.

Note: Comments from social media users were not edited.

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