Ooops! I’m Not Allowed To Post My Wife’s Picture On Her Birthday- RMD

Ooops! I'm Not Allowed To Post My Wife's Picture On Her Birthday- RMD-
RMD/ Photo credit: RMD

We kept wondering why legendary actor RMD would post a picture of himself instead of wife’s pix on her birthday.

Could Mofe be scared of having some uninvited visitors around his wife? May be! Just maybe the actor doesn’t want to join the league of celebrities who flaunts their wife in public and later had to deal with divorce threat.

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Serious bro, make it clear. Whatever, Mofe pen down some breath taking piece for his darling wife…Enjoy it.

Ooops! I'm Not Allowed To Post My Wife's Picture On Her Birthday- RMD -
RMD/ Photo credit: RMD

”So it’s my baby’s birthday today and I am not allowed to post her picture so I’m just going to post my picture (after all the two shall become one) and still say that I am super grateful to God for giving me the woman that is my wife. Abike, I cannot overemphasise the impact you have made upon my life. Thank you for being everything- Mother, Bestfriend, Wifey, Lover and Counsellor. Happy birthday baby, I love you my all.

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RMD’s outfit for the posing in place of his wife was designed by…seyivodi. Good-luck bro.

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