Oops! Ghanaian Actress Juliet Ibrahim Replies People Insulting Her Legs

Oops! Ghanaian Actress Juliet Ibrahim Replies People Insulting Her Legs - Surge.ng
Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim/ Photo credit: Instagram

Juliet Ibrahim must’ve got it up to the neck before dropping this hard words to shock those who insult her Knock knees. The Ghanaian actress sounded very much like she’s aware her legs are not straight, so why trying to make a mountain out of a mere hill. Babe you rock.

For those who’ve chosen to cry more than the bereaved, the actress said, those knock kneels (K Legs) of hers have carried her to places people with pencil rule straight legs won’t ever get to before exiting planet earth. Lol… Oh no! But that’s pretty much true, cause its not about the shape of the legs but about the personality.

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Come to think of it, how would Juliet Ibrahim be expected to have straight legs with such astonishing beauty..gush! God isn’t partials I know. Hahahaha…

Juliet Ibrahim rocks and will always do…stay calm pretty lady, Surge Gossipper gat your back.

Read below to see what the pretty TV personality – Juliet told haters:

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julietibrahim ”The pose you strike when you have had your Knock Knees (K legs) forever, walked run ways, rocked bum shorts in them and they have taken you places that people with straight knees haven’t even entered yet… how is insulting my legs gonna make you a better person? 😂 you must not know about me, I have the toughest skin on planet earth and I am SO FRIGGING comfortable in my skin and my body that I KNOW I am the SEXIEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN ALIVE. To all queens and to @ceec_official NEVER allow TROLLS, BULLIES, and INSULTS EVER get to you, cus the problem and insecurities lie within those who insult you NOT YOU, they feel insulting you will make them bigger and better; when they are simply just BITTER!”

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