Opinion: Is It Wrong For A Man To Say ‘Thank You’ After Sex

Opinion: Is It Wrong For A Man To Say 'Thank You' After Sex - Surge.ng
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As simple as this question may sound, just know it has ruined many relationships. ”I will never try it again with him hence he couldn’t say ‘thank you’ after making love to me.” Mary told her friend Esther. Like Mary too many ladies have discontinued their relationships for not getting thank you from their men after a romantic sex round that i think pleasured both parties.

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Recently a social media user asked if it’s wrong for a man to say thank you to his woman after sex, and the reactions would make you wonder what’s actually right.

Miriam Ibeabuchi Very right
Blessing Mmesoma Lol his only right is to tell her aw wonderful she was
Walter Solomon wow i luv tha
Blessing Mmesoma Amam na iga alike ya
Zara Cruiz Yes, I love it wen my baby say thank u
Walter Solomon This girl…..i luv that
Zara Cruiz Yes na, so wen he ask for another day, I can give him more, hahaha
Gabriella Okolie Yes he has to because his gal just satisfied his sexual urges
Chioma Stephanie I dnt know… Ooo, buh am going to learn
Esther Orlando yes now u are talking very very gud because women are the most sugarable than any other thin in this life
Destiny Peter For me I deserve a complement like baby u are the best. I love u so much
Destiny Peter I will also return a complement coz we both just satisfied ourselves but am still a virgin o pliz…lol. Am talking about when I dis_virgin
Ahkosuah Jhuicy Yes but they don’t that’s why sometimes we don’t react if they on the top. Hahahaha
Omobolanle Joy then d lady will say thanks for d hardworkhmm,lolz
Omobolanle Joy if he says thank u that means he payin you for ur precious service like a prostitude
Omobolanle Joy u both enjoy yourself so it means u just av fun
Chidama Precious If a man pay you how can he say tank you again ,if the guy love you wat is tank you he we say more Dan dat
Sarah Zeden It depends if his ur serious boy or a runs if he is serious boy friend than it ok
Sarah Zeden But if he is ur runs and he told u thanks don’t expect any take home
Different ideas, Lol! Let’s know which of these ideas is most correct. Remember that both the man and the woman were involved equally in the act. Also remember that women most times need it more than men, mostly when relationship is ongoing.
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