Pastors must work and earn a living outside church- Freeze

Freeze speaking to pastors
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The popular Daddy Freeze an OAP and an event compere has used a social media platform- Twitter to rebuke pastors that feed from the pockets of their church members in the name of paying tithes and offerings.

He called on pastors to work and fend for themselves and stop depending on their members.

He said “Pastors must work and earn a living outside church! Jesus fed 5000, disciples worked.

“Enough is enough! In 2018, the poorest people are going to STOP creating the RICHEST PASTORS! It’s not Biblical, it’s not ethical, it’s not logical!”

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One of his followers on the platform Olayinka Kolawole, refuted the post accusing Daddy Freeze of misleading people.

“I’m not a pastor neither born again Christian but my father made me to realize one thing in life before he died, he said paying of tithe is a way of challenging God of a new thing about to happen in our lives.

“He said all the houses he built are a result of tithing so Daddy Freeze please don’t mislead us we need to respect every word in the Bible.” Olayinka said.

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In replying this Freeze said “My Father taught me’ no be doctrine! Everyone’s Father taught them that the world was flat before Galileo Galilei came along. Jesus didn’t collect tithe or pay it, the disciples, apostles, the first church didn’t collect it.

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