Pregnant woman kills husband over foodstuffs in Adamawa


A pregnant woman identified as Halima, has reportedly been arrested by the police for allegedly killing her husband, Ibrahim Ismail.Halima

The housewife and Ibrahim is said to be married for more than five years and had three children together and the incident occurred at their house in Nasarawo Demsa community, in the Numan Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

It was gathered that Halima was pregnant with their fourth child when the couple had a disagreement which led to the death of the businessman.

According to a neighbour, the incident happened as a result of disagreement bordered on foodstuffs bought by Ibrahim.

Around 5.30am on Thursday, I heard my wife shouting and screaming. I asked her what happened and she said the wife of our next-door neighbour had killed him. When I got to the man’s house, I saw him in a pool of blood. There were a lot of sympathisers in his room, mostly women. When I tried to talk to him, he could not answer back and appeared lifeless. The wife had also been apprehended. When I enquired what happened, I was told that Ibrahim went to buy foodstuffs in the market so that she could cook for the family. However, when he returned from the market, he did not meet her at home,” he said.

He added;

“He was troubled and looked for her everywhere. When he couldn’t find her, he left the foodstuffs and went out. When he returned to the house some minutes later, he discovered that she had returned home. He asked her where she went and why she left the foodstuffs he bought for her, but that started an argument between them. During the quarrel, the man took a wood and hit her with it. The woman went to pick a knife she was using to cut onions and stabbed him. He fell and collapsed.”

He further stated that other residents alerted policemen from the Numan division, and the suspect was arrested at their arrival, adding that the victim was taken to a general hospital where he was confirmed dead by a doctor.

Meanwhile, the State Police command is yet to confirm the incident.

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