English Premier League: No Game for the Players on Christmas Eve


The Premier League had previously assured fans that no game would take place at 16:00 or later on Christmas Eve. It’s going to be a merry Christmas Eve for the players as no Premier League games will take place on Christmas Eve.

Premier/Photo Credit: trendopic.com

None of the games scheduled for 23 December were moved there for live television coverage. It was under consideration that Liverpool’s trip to Arsenal was to be moved from 23 to 24 December.

Instead of 24th, it will be played on Friday, 22 December, with a 19:45 GMT kick-off. Not just Liverpool v Arsenal that has been moved. But three other fixtures have also been moved from the 15:00 slot on the 24th of December – Everton v Chelsea, Burnley v Tottenham and Leicester v Manchester United.

Premier League executive chairman Richard Scudamore praised the “flexibility” of UK television broadcasters Sky and BT after further discussions

Richard Scudamore said

”We appreciate this is the peak time for supporters attending and watching the Premier League, with matches scheduled on Christmas weekend for the first time in 11 years.

The process of selecting games for live broadcast has been a more complex one than usual and I would like to thank our broadcast partners and clubs for their co-operation and flexibility.

When selecting matches, the broadcasters are using the rights that we the Premier League and the clubs have sold them, and they should therefore not be criticised for doing so.”

There will be a lunchtime game on Boxing Day, with Southampton’s trip to Tottenham beginning at 12:30 GMT. Chelsea’s trip to Goodison Park will be a 12:30 kick-off and the other two games will take place on the Saturday evening, with Burnley kicking off at 17:30 and Leicester at 19:45.

The last Premier League game to take place on Christmas Eve was in 1995, when Leeds beat Manchester United 3-1. Until 1957, there was a full programme of Football League on Christmas Day, with the reverse fixtures taking place on Boxing Day.
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