Strong Qualities All Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common

Strongest Qualities All Highly Successful Entrepreneurs Have In Common- Surge Zirc
Bill Gates and Aliko Dangote/ photo credit: Herald Nigeria

Being a highly successful entrepreneur is a feat almost everybody wants to achieve. But it’s pretty much obvious that only a few entrepreneurs get highly successful.

You may be a person’s age mate, school mate, class mate in college, church mate, play mate while growing up, even club mate while in University, yet, they after sometime get far more successful than you can even comprehend.

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The secret is, there are few qualities he’s been operating with that you either doesn’t know about or neglect.

Here are some of the most important qualities all highly successful entrepreneurs; I mean notable entrepreneurs have in common and how they can be applied.

Persistent: Most people start their success where others quit. So, never worry about how much money, ability or equipment you’re starting with, just begin with a million worth of determination. Consider the postage stamp, its usefulness consist in its ability to stick to something until it gets to its destination.

All entrepreneurs could be called post stamp entrepreneurs. In the Far East, people plant a tree called the Chinese bamboo. During the first four years, they water and fertilise the plant with little or no result. Then in the fifth year, they again apply water and fertiliser and in five weeks time the tree grows ninety feet in height.

The obvious question is “Did the Chinese bamboo tree grow ninety feet in five weeks or five years?” The answer is five years.

If at any time during those five years, the people had stopped watering and fertilising the tree it would have died. Be persistent because the last key on the ring maybe the one that opens the door.

Many times our dreams and plans appear not to be succeeding; we’re tempted to give up and quit trying. Instead, we need to continue to water and fertilise those dreams.

If we do not quit, if we display perseverance and endurance, we’ll reap a harvest. Remember, Rome was not built in a day and it is by perseverance that the snail reaches the ark.

Confidence: Do you know that you’re the most qualified person on the surface of the earth to do that which you’re destined to do? Too many people make cemeteries of their life by burying their talents.

Successful entrepreneurs confidently pursue their goals and never stopped until they reached the end.

How you look determines how you see. You can never see the sun rise by looking to the west. All those who look at life from wrong perspective will always have cause for alarm. It’s the same way a fifty thousand dollar bill can look so big when it goes to church and so small when it goes for grocery.

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Remember that eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are few. You and I do not see things the way they are.

Rather, we see things as we are.

Highly successful entrepreneurs develop the entrepreneurial approach; believe that wherever you go there are ideas waiting to be discovered.

When your position is right, opportunity presents itself.

Moreover, opportunity can’t drop in your hands only if you have your hands positioned where opportunity drops.

Endeavour to see success where others see failure, this will energise your dream and give it momentum.

Critics: A critic is somebody who finds fault without a search warrant.

Many great ideas have been lost because people who had them couldn’t stand the criticism and gave up.

Do not allow critics sneer you.

Moreover, expecting the world to threat you fairly is little like expecting a bull not to attack you because you’re a vegetarian.

Fred Allen said, “If criticism had any real power to harm, the skunk would’ve been extinct by now.

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Highly successful entrepreneurs discuss money making issues while unproductive minds discuss other people.

Entrepreneurs stand firm against critics because they realise on time that nothing significant has been accomplished without controversy — criticism.

Charles Dodgson warned: “If you limit your actions in life to things that nobody could possibly find fault with, you’ll never do much”. You can never carve your way through success if you are continually running someone down.

Those who spend most of their time criticising the efforts of other people are regarded as ordinary minds.

If you want a place in the sun you’ll have to expect to receive some blisters and have some sand kicked in your face.

Entrepreneurs see criticism as a compliment because they know what they want and how to get it.

Start Small: The act of dreaming big and starting small is common among great entrepreneurs. Nothing great is created suddenly and nothing great can be achieved if not a step after the other.

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises.

So you can never do great things if you can’t do small things in a great way.

In starting an enterprise the hardest is the first step, but it is not a reason for you not to try, because no endeavour is worse than that which is not attempted.

Finally, anyone who is afraid of starting a new thing is worse than he who started and failed.

Complaint: Entrepreneurs are not complainers. They spend most of their time generating new ideas and executing projects. So they seldom find time to complain about other people’s weaknesses.

Failures are so engrossed into complaint that they find fault with virtually everything they do.

Confront a failure he will tell you success is luck, but the truth is that small things always affect small minds.

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Complainers attract their fellow complainers thereby repelling positive people.

When you complain, you explain your pain for no gain.

If entrepreneurs have their way, they will file a bill for the extension of time; from 24 hours to 30 hours. This is because they are always choked with the limited time provided in a day.

But the lazy man prays for the fall of the night to start yet a new day with no task.

Pursuit: Successful lives are motivated by pursuit. It is not enough to dream of great future, develop wonderful ideas without pursuing them. The most important thing you can do in life is to find a dream that is worth pursuing and when you catch it, find a bigger one.

Business leaders have proved that the right pursuit brings happiness and success.

50cent said: “Get rich or die trying”. And I said: “If a man has not discovered something that he will die for, then he is not worth living.” Come out and declare your mission.

The world actually makes room for a person in a pursuit. Just like a police car with its sirens blaring, people may not know where you’re going, but they know you’re off to something important. Pursue your dream like a lion pursues a gazelle.

Lazy people are often judged by what they don’t pursue. The choice of stopping to pursue or choosing to pursue is a defining moment in our life.

Barely making the decision to pursue doesn’t count, what actually matters is the ‘START’.

And when pursuing dig for diamond and gold, don’t chase squirrels in the name of being busy with pursuit. Life is too short to think small and while away time.

Originality: Most successful entrepreneurs are those with absolute new ideas. If you develop a new idea you can make reference to existing ones to make it authentic. But be very careful not to copy exactly somebody’s work.

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If your works are based on copy, you’ll sure have limited time to stay in limelight. Copying somebody’s work can hamper the possibility of developing oneself. The best option is to develop the real person we are inside.

If you’re the original owner of your work, you enjoy this inner satisfaction of a job well done. Even though sometimes, entrepreneurs recreate a product, they do not make verbatim the production; rather they inventively create a new product with new features out of an existing product.

Originality is a possibility, try it!

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