Relationship: How To Recognize Your Partner Is Obsessed With Shoes

Relationship: How To Recognize Your Partner Is Obsessed With Shoes
Relationship: How To Recognize Your Partner Is Obsessed With Shoe/Photo Credit: female first
Today National Two Different Colored Shoes Day- This is how it affects either engaged or married partners who’s one of them is obsessed with shoes and how the other try coping with it.

There are some ways to recognize someone is in love with shoes.

He /she never miss a shoe sale:If for example there’s a shoe sale in any shop, it will difficult to walk pass without checking the new arrival, regardless of having more at home.

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More shoes in the wardrobe: They have many of them for everyday of the week. Some of the shoes even look similar.

Of all the shoes, they have their favourites- Despite having plenty of them, they still wear selected few pairs.

They buy more even if they feel discomfort in them: Since they are shoe freak, sometimes they buy without minding they size; and most times end up buying undersized shoes and only wear them where there isn’t a lot of walking to do.

They buy more and create many outfits from it:  They buy shoes and later start looking out for clothes to match them; when it’s supposed to be outfit first before looking for the shoes to match them.

They’re good in observing other people’s own : They are very observant to notice dirty, unfashionable or ready to be replaced shoes worn by others.

Preparing for holiday: They always get confused on choice making, they have to pack and unpack several times because they can’t possibly fit all the shoes they want to take in the case, and It’s very stressful.

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They give some pretty jokes: When they buy a new pair and possibly pop them and ask you for your opinion. They like hearing lovely, and the next is; ‘well you don’t have many shoes do you?’



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