Reno Omokri Writes Boyfriends…”You Don’t Owe Girlfriends Money Only Courtesy”

Reno Omokri Writes Boyfriends...You Don't Owe Girlfriends Money Only Courtesy - Surge Zirc
Reno Omokri/Photo credit: Twitter

Reno Omokri the writer and President Muhammadu Buhari’s number one antagonist has advised all boyfriends to stop feeling indebted to girlfriends as they don’t owe them money, only courtesy.

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This is contrary to what is obtainable in relationships around our communities.

Recently a lady aksed twitter what the use of a boyfriend is when he will not give money yet wants love. Reno Omokri followed her immediately..

Reno: Dear boyfriend,

The ONLY thing you owe your girlfriend is courtesy. You don’t owe it to her to foot her bills. Free yourself from that mentality. If you want to look after a woman, go and look after your mother. If your girlfriend needs looking after, let her get a job. Every money or gift you give to a girlfriend has no spiritual value to bless you. But if even you give your mother a cup of water when she is thirsty, that gift has spiritual implications that affect your material prosperity.

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There are many things boyfriends and girlfriends can bring to the relationship table. Looks, sex and slaying are not some of those things. If that is all your boyfriend or girlfriend brings to the table, then you are dating a liability not an asset. You better reset. 

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