Reno Omokri’s Nuggets Of Wisdom To Parents

Reno Omokri's Nuggets Of Wisdom To Parents
Reno Omokri/photo credit: Instagram

Controversial political personality, the then Jonathan’s aide and currently one of Buhari’s major antagonist Reno Omokri is not blasting president Buhari with his post.

This time he has penned down a significant piece of information to help parents who derive pleasure in maltreating other peoples daughters leaving with them as maids, while having their own daughters do virtually nothing at all.

Let’s feel the Reno’s nuggets:

Reno Omokri – “A maid is meant to assist your children with their chores. She is not meant to prevent your children from doing their chores.

“If you make the maid to do all the work, you are only training her to be a wife material and training your daughter to be a side-chick material.

“Many people raise their daughters and train their house maids. It does not give your daughter class, It gives her crass.

“Train your daughter on how to keep a home and you will not need to train her on how to keep a man.”

Reno has said it all. The lesson imbedded in this piece of information is only for the wise. The foolish ones will say “who cares”  But whatever anyone says, the play-out at the end of the day will remain the same.

Stop training other peoples daughters only in the name of hating and dealing with them. Train yours too by having them work while the maid girl wait and observe. Surge gossiper say so!

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