Rivers People Threaten Jungle Justice If The Police Failed to provide Dike, the Port Harcourt ritualist


Mr. Dike, the rapist and ritualist still in lose from police net, and Rivers people threaten for jungle justice. Otoye Amakiri a Rivers state lawyer, call on a serious investigation on the police officer that arrested Ifeanyi Dike,

suggesting that the rapist and ritualist most have been hand-cuffed and surrounded by heavy gun police officers, how then can such a person escape.

Meanwhile, a more uncovered story from the ritualist shows that Mr. Dike first raped the 8yrs old girl,

with the intention to make her weak first and then take her to a friend of his who had promise to initiate him into a ritual group.

“I never wanted to kill her there, just that she died on the process of having sex with me, then I decided to cut the required parts.” He said.
Mr. Dike disclosed that a friend of his in 2016 had worn him into joining his ritual activities which he declined,
but after traveling to the village last December, he considered the option and called his friend, promising to get involved.

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Human right support organization in Rivers state has called in the Nigerian police to circulate the picture of the ritualist to motor parks, police check points, hotels,
everywhere to make sure there is no hiding place for Mr. Dike, but urging members of the public to remain calm and not to indulge in jungle justice as rumored,
if the Nigerian police failed to provide the rapist and ritualist.
The spokes person of the Nigeria police in Rivers state has also promised that the police will make sure that the culprit is rearrested.


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