Ronaldo Gets Fans-Bashed For His Ridiculous Dive Against The Netherlands

C. Ronaldo takes a very hilarious dive against the Netherlands yesterday
The Monday’s match between Portugal and the Netherlands ended in a ridiculous way with Christiano Ronaldo taking a very appalling dive that left him crashing to the ground miserably. The star got up afterwards and started ranting about a penalty that he felt should be awarded his side.

The superstar forward took up his regular spot in the Euro 2016 winner’s side against the Netherlands on Monday. With his side 1-0 down in the first half, Ronaldo picked up the ball on the edge of the box and ran at the defense.

He then lined up a shot but his left foot ended up kicking the ground instead of the ball.

It sent him off balance and as he fell to the floor his other foot appeared to connect with an opponent.

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While the moment was embarrassing enough in itself, he then bizarrely appealed for a penalty.

Fans were left outraged at the moment and were quick to voice their frustrations on Twitter.

“The way Ronaldo dived and then literally lost his mind it wasn’t a penalty epitomises why I don’t like him,” one wrote.

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“Anyone else and that’s a yellow for arguing and was a brutal dive.”

Another added: “Ronaldo kicked the ground when he was actually trying to hit the ball and then fell down making a scene, throwing tantrums at the ref, crying for penalty and it’s a friendly. Another day in the office.”

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While a third commented: “Ronaldo kicks the ground and launches himself into the grass. He then gets up, berates the ref, and yells for a penalty… this is a lot of people’s favourite player.”

The Netherlands ended up winning 3-0, with a sensational Virgil Van Dijk goal sealing Portugal’s fate.

– Daily Star Sports.

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