According to the FIFA world ranking, Nigeria’s super eagles dropped yet again from the fiftieth position to a demeaning fifty-first position yesterday.

This is quite saddening as it connotes intuitively that the super Eagles are way below other countries in their group as well as the other African countries outside their group.

The implication of the ranking of the Super Eagles is that they are most likely to finish last in their group and may not perform very well as other African teams in Russia.

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Going by the ranking system, we have the ‘Group D’ opponents as Argentina (4th position worldwide), Croatia (17th position), and Iceland (22nd) (alongside Nigeria, 51st position) and they are better placed than Nigeria in the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The other African countries as earlier stated are doing impressively better than Nigeria according to the ranking and this has led to the condemning of FIFA’s ranking system by many Nigerians. For example, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia are 23rd, 31st, 40th and 27th positions respectively.

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Now the big questions are…
– Will Nigeria’s Super Eagles against all odds defy the FIFA ranking system and do better in Russia come 2018?
– Can they beat the expectations of everyone by their performance and get back their lost glory this time around? OR
– Will they perform as poorly as they have been ranked by FIFA?
These questions and more have been placed in the minds of many, and Nigerians above all, hope that the Super Eagles perform better this time more than their previous records and make the country proud against all odds.

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