Ruth Kadiri Just Concluded Filming An Amazing Story For…

Ruth Kadiri Just Concluded Filming An Amazing Story For...Surge Zirc
Ruth Kadiri filming on location with director and D.O.P/ Photo credit: Instagram

Most of you wouldn’t know ‘Ruth Kadiri’ is not just an actress but also a producer who has produced lots of movies before the current job she just rapped up. The beautiful Nollywood artist and movie maker took to Instagram few minutes ago to take us through the process she went through for the making of her just rapped job.

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The story didn’t really disclosed the title of the movie, but it does promised to be a must watch for you all. I personally got attracted to Ruth’s efforts in making this movie…from consulting Fred to the director and down to other crew.

Enjoy what Ruth Kadiri said:

Ruthkadiri ”I have produced lots of movies, but never have I been so scared about getting it wrong like I was about the project… the excitement mixed with fear triggered a feeling I can’t explain, reason been it’s a TWO cast movie and a lot I have seen are usually boring…

”when this idea/story came, the first person I called for the project was @freddieleonard we quickly agreed upon a date even without a script. ( thank you for trusting me) Then I started writing. I shared the vision with my brother and friend @iampascalamanfo and he offered a lot of support and ideas on how to achieve it.

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”Then the director @emmanueleme came on board. And the first day of shoot came, I knew I had gotten it right. Down from my choice of cast to the crew… my DOP @anthonycam totally wowed me. The set design by@Mlaylaevents courtesy of @sandraikeji was magnificent.

”I just want to say thank you to everyone who contributed to success of this project. It doesn’t just look good on picture it’s amazing on film. And I can’t wait for y’all to see it.”

I’m so so sure you all are waiting to see what the final product will be like, then stay tuned Surge Zirc will blow a trumpet immediately it’s released.

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