Sad: Policeman Killed By Soldier With A Blow

soldier kills policeman with a blow
Mr. Imomoh/ Photo credit:

A police officer in Delta State simply identified as Mr. Imomoh, collapsed and died after receiving a blow to his chest from a soldier.The incident took place at a burial ceremony in the State

The sad event occurred when a group of soldiers who attended the burial started shooting sporadically in the air, Imomoh dressed in plain clothes walked up to one of the soldiers and advised them to stop the shooting as it is dangerous and they run the risk of shooting someone.

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According to reports, this infuriated the soldier who then punched the man directly on the chest. Imomoh wanted to retaliate but was held back by bystanders.

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As he made a move to leave the scene, he suddenly slumped and died on the spot. All the soldiers at the event on seeing what had happened fled the scene.

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The incident has prompted reactions from people, asking if it is advisable to shoot guns at a burial ceremony.

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