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Samsung’s Foldable Phone Could Cost Over $1,700

Samsung's Foldable Phone Could Cost Over $1,700-Surge Zirc
Samsung Foldable Phone: It Might Be Next Big Thing/photo credit: Technobezz

Less than a week since Samsung unveiled its “Infinity Flex” display for its upcoming bendy smartphone, a new report from South Korea claims to know the name, price and release date of the device.

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The Yonhap News Agency‘s industry sources suggest the phone will be dubbed the “Galaxy F” — a name that’s been floated about before, along with “Galaxy X” — and will debut in March, around a month after a 5G-enabled S10.

But it won’t come cheap: Yonhap believes the bendy phone will be an exclusive device that could cost as much as $1,770, though it adds the company hasn’t “settled” on a price.

Samsung's Foldable Phone Could Cost Over $1,700-Surge Zirc
Samsung’s foldable mobile phone/photo credit: Mashable

Samsung, however, is keeping quiet this far ahead of launch.

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Last week, its CEO DJ Koh said it plans to ship a million foldable devices in 2019. Thus far it’s only revealed a prototype that looks like a regular smartphone (albeit bulkier), until it unfolds like a book into a 7.3-inch display that acts like a tablet.

The “Infinity Flex” display uses panel bending tech, along with a new protective layer and an advanced polymer that’s both flexible and tough.

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If it’s a success, it may lead to more foldable gadgets from the company, including that rumoured folding Note phone and flexi-laptop displays.

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