See how the so called ‘White Wedding’ has ridicule our African societies.


White Wedding

As the name implies, ‘white wedding’ is a cultural way of getting married in the western world.

Why do Africans now see it as superior to the normal African cultural marriage where two families meet and dowry is paid? Of what sense does it make to do African traditional marriage and still crown it all with this so-called annoying white wedding? Must we Africans wear those ill-fitting suits and white gowns to prove that we have now been married? I personally think Africans are relegating their culture to the background and promoting the white man’s culture!

I overheard someone saying that it is a sin to sleep with your ‘wife’ if the white wedding is not done, even though the dowry has been paid. To me, from my own point of view and how it is done in African culture is the highest level of cultural inferiority and slavery!!! Are we saying that our cultural marriage is not sufficient? That it must be completed by white wedding?

Our women are not helping matters because they are the most significant agents of cultural slavery. With so much artificial stuffs on them-fake hair(Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Venezuelan, Colombian etc), fake eye-lashes, fake nails, fake names, etc, none would want to be married only in our traditional way. Tell a Nigerian girl that you would want only a traditional marriage and see the speed she will take and leave you.

White wedding, over the years, has been erroneously seen by many Africans (Nigerians) as a Christian practice. If truth be told, white wedding has nothing to do with Christianity. All the marriages that are recorded in the Bible were done in the traditional way…from Genesis to Revelation. Even the one Jesus attended and performed His first miracle was done in the Jewish traditional way. Jesus never went there as a Bishop, Pastor, etc to officiate the marriage. He went as every other guests.

We need to promote our culture because the whites do not marry in our own way. To me white wedding has ridicule our African traditional marriage and has also made a lot of our youths wandering about borrowing money to do white wedding.

White wedding is irrelevant and not compulsory in African culture. It makes mockery of

Let’s discuss this monster eating the brains of our people? Thanks.

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